The GHP Concept NT –

Basis of the concept philosophy will be the 25 rules of building biology in context of an ecological and economic planning in architecture, which will participate on the one hand on the latest trends of energy-optimized systems, but also in conjunction with international and traditional Crafts and merge to one unit.

Also combine classical building construction with personal needs to built up a healthy home.
‚Building biological building‘ means to put holistic influence on people.
Health is supreme priority.

By choice of suitable constructions and building materials, human learns to use his senses.
The polluted outside-world remains outdoor – a ‚GHP NT‘ building dominates pollutant-free and non-toxic!
Intelligent application of technical standards create extra space and independence.
The building serves functional its users without dominating them.
Flexible walls can easily change rooms any time as needed.
The room must be perceptible – haptics in consequence.
Modular building concept offers plenty of space for different applications in modern understanding.
Family home, multi-generational home, office, art gallery with open spaces, commercial use with stores, doctor’s office with function rooms, therapy and massage parlours, seminar and training, etc.

The functional space concept offers opportunities to create a building for all requirements – a multi-purpose building for ‚Living + Working‘ without sacrificing a healthy living environment.

Do you want to live healthy and happy ?

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