Architektur: We need investors for your, no for our future, “Green home Projects NT”

In 2012, 2 German architects developed a new future leading idea of an energy autarchic building concept!

We did a new arch-type of building.

Only gotten 50% of the invest cost by investors, but we need 1-2 Mio Euro for the pilot project starting. German investors and our government by officials weren`t interested in saving energy or creating healthy buildings! What a mess!

In 2014, after i gotten intoxicated by moulds and chemicals in my flat by my landlord in Ratingen, i optimized the concept to a healthy building, without toxic standard building materials.

Since then i did 9 enlightenment lecture events in the FH Düsseldorf as workgroup leader for “architecture and construction technology” at the VDI Düsseldorf in 2014, as i created the new concept “Das Gebäude-Gesundheitszeugnis” from 2013 for the right of health for users inside any buildings/flats. Watch out on: http://Das-Gebä

So this new concept is now base in our architect project, called now “Green Home Projects NT”, NT stands for “Non Toxic”

So what will you get if using our new buildings ?

– international built in any climate zone
– energy autarchic
– sustainable
– non toxic building materials
– modular
– self rebuildable
– power station
– Loft
– resizeable space
– use as home or for work
and many, many features more

We did, what is called the “eierlegende-Woll-Milch-Sau”.

A healthy home for healthy people!

What we need is no theorist, we need practitioner!

Are you a practitioner ? …and being investor ?

Today i am a specialist in 5 professional working fields:
Building Biology, Architecture, Building Expert, holistic Health and Environment Consulter i.e.

I am doing building foresics since nearly 10 years – i know what makes you ill inside classic standard buildings – and i can cure you from further faults of getting ill by buildings. No more SBS, no more “Sick-Building-Syndrome”! Trust me, i know what i can do for you!

Truth and health are my maxim and credo – what is yours ?

So its up to you, if sticking furthermore in dark age or get in your future ?

Here you are in your future:

We are ready to start with you: info [a]

With environmental friendly and healthy greetings
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lemiesz


Christian Lemiesz
“Gesunde Gebäude – gesunde Menschen”
Holistischer Service in Baubiologie, Architektur & Gesundheit
Diplom-Ingenieur, Architekt AKNW, Bausachverständiger, Baubiologe IBN, SiGeKo, Bauzeichner,
holistischer Gesundheitsberater i.A., Umweltberater, Dozent und Buchautor
Mitglied in der Architektenkammer NW, Nr. 101770
Mitglied im IVU e.V. – Internationaler Verein für Umwelterkrankte e.V.
Mitglied in der DGUHT e.V. – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Humantoxikologie e.V.
Tel: +49-21.02-579.08.04 – Mobil: +49-173-66.49.614
Twitter: @Beratungsstelle

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