Bauen & Gesundheit: “A healthy home ?”

Sometimes people ask me, why i am in “healthy homes” themes !?

They can’`t imagine that this is something new theme to them, cause they think their home is healthy and save!

None of them think about chemicals inside the building materials or furniture…

None heard about “SBS” = “Sick Building Syndrome” and what that means to their health.

None realize, that health problems has its cause inside their living space – mostly all think its only “viruses” they get from the air being in crowds.

None think about chemicals at home become toxic in sum which harm health – if they feel sick they take more chemicals voluntarily to get cured.

None really think about the combination of several chemicals different source can harm their health.

None of them realizes that also daily products produce chemicals emit to the air.

…but if i ask them, if they would drink these chemicals – they deny!

If i ask why they deny to drink them, but they inhale them voluntarily …i don`t get any answers…

So why are people so stupid to their health ?

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