Bauen & Gesundheit: Project “” is looking for investors and programmers

I would like to implement a new project from 2020, for which I have connected the following domains:


The concept “” is based on creating a central international platform for all web shops for all devices including later on media networking in vehicles, ships, airplanes, etc. ..also the “egg-laying wool-milk-sow” (n German “eierlegende-Woll-Milch-Sau”)

The range of topics here covers all current and future areas as: economic sectors, service spectrum of all professions, health products, healthy construction products, healthy food, healthy drinking water, green products, products for eletromobility, products for climate neutrality, purchase / selling of real estate, purchase / selling of luxury products … “Bitcoin” and derivatives, etc., etc., etc … the end is not foreseeable …

Not only the Asian market (India, China, Japan …) will be a very interesting market here in the future, also the growing European and Russian market, etc .; And Africa should not be forgotten when global digitalization is advancing … “The new Silk Road” is also coming – Globalization at all levels – this is what the intelligent should prepare for and launch into the global market with future leading products.

For this I am looking for international business partners and programmers,
who want to have a golden future.

IPO in 2-4 years as a target?
Who designs his future?

Do you also see any potential,
I ask you to contact me,
to get ideas working together …

2020 is a nice start date into the future for quick-fixes & makers …

Christian Lemiesz
“Healthy Buildings – heathy Humans”
Holistic service in Building Biology, Architecture and Health
Düsseldorf – Germany

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