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Development of environment / resources protecting, sustainable, energy autarchic Buildings

Associated Architects ARGE GHP + GHG

The architect association ARGE GHP + GHG is an inter-/national operating group of architects with planning & realization target of innovative, market leading demand-driven architecture.

Content of the associated architect ARGE GHP + GHG is to realize sustainable, cost-effective, building biologically optimized and energy autarchic buildings, which have the symbiosis between building biology and architecture, without loosing todays aspects of health and human necessities in the given architectural spatial structure.”

Custom architecture” with quality of life need not to be expensive and may still be efficient: Flexible room concepts offer solutions for individual needs to whole settlement structures conscious living ecosystems.

Basis of the concept philosophy will be the 25 rules of building biology in context of an ecological and economic planning in architecture, which will participate on the one hand of the latest trends of energy-optimized systems, but also in conjunction with international and traditional Crafts and merge to one unit.

Associated participants are network belonging partners, who have long-term expertised knowledgement in the development process of designing buildings in the environment, which correspond to the current value, be financially self-sufficient in the future to conduct economic constraints.Currently, there is a lively exchange with planners, buyers and investors/builders to inter- /national base, which will manifest itself in future in new projects, together out of the box.

Do you like to be part of this innovation ? Get a planned individual home to be realized, what is primarily geared to your needs and not limited to only financial aspects – please submit your request to us! Even with a non-bank financing, you can come a little bit closer to your dreams.

Further infos beneath: http://www.green-home-projects.com

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