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Animals, babies and infants get sick first! What happens now ?

Many people do not know the coherence: First animals will get ill, than children, than sick people or seniors and ultimately you self as still “healthy” adult with still reasonable intact immune system.

Did you know that animals are “first indicators“?
(Previously, birds were taken into cages in coal mines – they died suddenly, when there was a known danger “in the air” by “mine gas”)

Often the causes are found in contaminated rooms.

I am a building analyst and cause researcher – the building forensics is part of my work. For the naturopath, toxicologist or environmental doctors to create the right therapy together with you, it requires a causal diagnosis and for that

i am searching for the causes in stationary, mobile and flying rooms!

Please complete the following survey truthfully to the best of your knowledge and belief, so that I can prepare for our interview or appointment and then help you specifically. Content with “*” (asterisk) is mandatory! With “fake information” you do not help yourself – such answers are also been deleted after examination. Please keep in mind, there here are people who want to help you, so please pay attention to the maintenance.


Due to content of the new EU data protection regulation EU-DSGVO, the “Intoxication Survey” only benefits customers of my consultings. Please contact me personally via the contact form or the left-hand contact details.


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