„Autarky.Solar NF“

– The new solar standard –


This project is part 6 of my new architecture concept „Haus der Zukunft“ („House of future“) –

„Facelifting“ will follow asap, 03.04.2024


„The new future for our / other planets.“

Time is changing rapidly.

World’s ruthless industries forced an ecological ‚black out‘ – its 5 past 12.

Planet’s resources is overexploited by money driven thinking and acting without sustainability;
too much people for too less resources as second result some say.

Life is forced by ideologies, intrigues, conspiracies and artificial dependencies to a next level, by bad thinking people,
but its easy to survive if mankind uses actively an invention of evolution, an organ called „brain“ for thinking.

„Future must be autarky for mankind to live a life in harmony with its environment – sustainable.“



While the German government is putting its current efforts into digitization life and the so-called gene vaccination of all citizens, it is, as is well known, once again acting „at the last minute“ and thus lagging behind technical developments. In doing so, it conceals its inability to use its „quick fix actions“ to think ahead and act in time without massive restrictions over time.

The Federal Chamber of Architects with their state chambers also focus only on the „digitization process in the construction industry and daily architecture work“ – my topic „Health in the construction process“ has 8 years (see project „Das Gebäude-Gesundheitszeugnis“ at https://Tatort.Haus) after, still no focus in the architectural effort to create „healthy spaces“ for „healthy users“.

Due to this inability to „think ahead“, our (past architecture colleague) sustainable project „Green-Home-Projects NT“ (at https://Green-Home-Projects.com) was not funded by ministries in 2012 – neither were investors found for 1 million EUR to finance the pilot-project – We could get only half of it from the manufacturers by donating their constructions / materials used to built the building. Many of the past innovations of that time are now standard technology by others – this should not happen a second time again with the project „Autarky.Solar“.

I think it’s wrong focussing only on digitization process / digital construction when buildings are still not even up to the future or even presence – so that this „trend“ doesn’t fall asleep again, I act holistic and as a holistic human; forward-looking and therefore seek contact with people who want to actively „move forward together“ and carry the present into the future.



Working in 6 departments as holistic generalist gave me a certified overview what lacks in our today’s world – I can say that modern Architecture doesn’t have that quality in comparison with past solutions. Buildings no more offer shelter to its users, when materials causes diseases! Let me show you my results from 6 departments over the last 1,5 decades, what I mean:

Department A. Building Biology
Building materials and constructions mostly harms users by physical, chemical and biological influences – smart healthy architecture is not an aim in standard architecture – health is mostly ignored and people get variations of diseases as result. No laws help victims. Lobbys wins!

Department B. Architecture
Depending of understanding from microcosms to macrocosms, mankind doesn’t learn anything, when trying to realize angular buildings without getting known physical problems by its character – I know from my education as draftsmen in the early 1990-ties, that the „round edge“ works to avoid unnecessary causes, only by thinking. All countries do the same faults – only one exception on the whole planet: The Eskimos and their igloos!

Department C. Building Expertise
Today’s buildings still work with the faults of the past, we get damages by construction, energy/heating problems, humidity, coordination of different building materials and man-made craftsmen’s work. Damages are mostly a result of man-made decisions, driven by money.

Department D. Health
Being holistic health consulter is the needful result by Dep. A-C of understanding why people get deceases in rooms – modern epigenetics shows the influences environment has on the users health and gives solutions to cure health again, basically without need of some one else, just by understanding!

Department E. Environment
Our outsourcing ignorant behaviour towards our natural resources, causes many problems no one would have, if just money is not always the aim in decisions – e.g. when opening the window to discard used air and humidity, you invite the pesticides from agriculture/forestry/golf courses/sport fields etc., emission from industry and traffic etc. …and as consequences even environment is a cause why users get deceases in buildings; but these facts are ignored too!

Department F. SiGeKo (Security and Health Coordination)
Here we can control by regulations, how smart thinking and behaviour lacks while building process works on the site.

Department G. Energy (Energy Optimisation)
Each part of influences and emissions towards and from a building is in the focus of energy optimisation (electricity, gas (Germany) and warmth)

„So (re)thinking without money driven thoughts is the only solution to survive, ..healthy!“



With 21 years of experience as a qualified planner and a generalist in 6 departments for 14 years, I deal with the „living value in rooms“. From the „worst case“ of damage to the building fabric and health of the user, I gain knowledge and experience to plan better and to avoid the avoidable. Through this holistic approach, thinking changes from the channelling of individual professional blindness to an all-encompassing, overlapping and therefore synergetic holistic approach.

In Germany, people are intentionally harmed by physical, chemical and biological emissions in rooms, regardless of the environment, building, office or home – laws and „where the axe will fall“ regulate the degree of legal intentional physical harm regardless of the user’s immune system – health is standardized, the user is part of a theory.

Life and health are dynamic and subjected to permanent processes from environmental influences, this has now been scientifically proven by epigenetics – but neither institutions, nor politics, draws advantage from these consequences, cause health is expensive when regardless outsourcing and health abuse is the sad standard – that’s why we have exploitation of our planets resources, because it`s all about money, sales and margin – without regards to humans habitat, flora and fauna! This is then called „industrialisation“, meanwhile in version 4.0. The abuse is already in the word.


„Our environment is poisoned by our waste,
the polluted environment harms health of the user,

the immune system is attacked – diseases increase
and health is further damaged by more chemistry,

until the immune system collapses,
until the environment collapses.

This is our current present!

How does future look like ?“


Through smart architecture, acting in harmony with nature and rethinking, but also through further education and „active use of our brain“ – but this requires intelligent minds, pioneers, people with visions – lateral thinkers!

By my point of view, its easy possible to save the entire planet without decimating the population through pandemics, genetic experiments, artificial causes or manipulating forces of nature – simply „only“ through the active application of international knowledge and love for life.

The project „Autarky.Solar“ is the planetoids progression of the local project „Green Home Projects NT“ to next level – further details are part of the business plan.



As the name „Autarky.Solar“ suggests, this project is about „autonomous (survival) systems“ in a more or less hostile environment; e.g. deserts or exoplanets. Its an experiment how life and living can be optimize to work together with its environment. I have invented solutions in each department by the years I like to combine to a synergetic whole, a „holistic artificial living organism“ – the new future of living.

„Autarky.Solar“ is a modern survival concept for every human in every climate zone to survive changing environment situation.

… mostly scientist/researcher are canalised by their work only and fade out tangent themes/situations – holistic thinking is no standard behaviour, but needful for an holistic organism.

I would also like to work together with departments of universities – academic chairs / fields of expertises, cause the projects overlaps with many living areas:

  • Architecture (e.g. what is the optimal building structure …strong, but easy to built ?)
  • Agriculture (e.g. how can plants grow out of nothing ?)
  • Settlements (e.g. how can basic structures being built for basic community settlements ?)
  • Biology / Botany (e.g. what and how plants can be grow synergetic easily ?)
  • Nutritional medicine (e.g. how healthy is the organism and diet ?)
  • Organic diet / herbs (e.g. what is basically needed to survive ?)
  • Health / Epigenetics / Orthomolecular medicine etc. (e.g. how holistic can life be in extrem situation, but being healthy ?)
  • Environment / Emissions / Water technology (e.g. how can environment be useful used to help to succeed goals ?)
  • Sustainability / Recycling / ReUse etc. (e.g. what are the locally recycling methods to get life/nature in balance ?)
  • Energy management / Solar energy / „Free energy“ (e.g. what is the base natural energy source if needed ?)
  • KI / Measuring and control engineering (e.g. what are smart helping technics without dominating life ?)
  • Material research (e.g. how can environment be useful to optimize life in nature ?)
  • „form follows holism“ as base philosophy

in Portugal and with the Portuguese government, as I want to do my PhD on this topic and work together with students across disciplines; at the same time I address my project to every space travelling nation and invite countries like Russia, USA, China, … India etc. to join an international research project. (As a classical humanist, I am not interested in political quarrels and discrimination – for me, every human of every nation is equal (we all have the same organs and body parts…). And welcome to take part in the project for mankind. Survival is possible only in community – there is no more room for egoism in the future!

Professors of architecture faculties in PT will get details to the concept on inquiry; investors only by business plan.

For me, Portugal has the best prerequisites as a location:

  • Explorer nation
  • Subtropical climate
  • ‚Desert like‘ landscape (sandy + green nature)
  • Ocean accessibility / salty air
  • Green based and sustainability political + content orientation
  • Government with healthy goals
  • Contribution to the development of the country
  • Fully apply my professional skills
  • and of course delicious healthy food



As precondition for the „Solar Experimental Camp“ (a 365 days a year of surveying) I am searching for piece of country with a house and a working well or access to a sea/pond with the possibility of building tiny houses at (or close to) the Algarve in Portugal (the green lung of PT) till September 2022 to prove my thesis in the following years of researching.

I need a doctor father for PhD in interspecific departments as supporter.



The goal is to proof thesis and get a standard (science/research) work of „Synergetic Survival Base (Reader for all needs)“ for pioneers any level of basic knowledgement / mankind in new worlds (e.g. changing climate situations), but also a rethinking of current status each one of us has now on this planet in each country. Results can be used to do smart healthy homes + communities in environment for autarky living in line of natural resources, without outsourcing. In Harmony (like god give us).

„How to get much from nothing.“

Not done in a laboratory with ideal fictional laboratory conditions – life…done by a user under pure natural survival conditions in nature anywhere.


Second level participants

I set the participation of each space-faring nation at EUR 2 million in gold equivalent as a membership fee – this money is peanuts for you, but creates enough capital to start the pilot project with research areas for the benefit of mankind – the refinancing takes place via knowledge transfer from current results of the research.

Any private investor can also contribute financially with 1 million EUR in gold equivalent as a membership fee.


„Only people with visions – open-minded thinkers -,

have been driving evolution through innovations for thousands of years.“


I am well educated and being generalist, opens my view towards life and environment holistically;

  • Graduated engineer
  • Architect
  • Building biologist (+ measurement technician with own equipment)
  • Building expert
  • Draftsmen
  • SiGeKo (Cert.)
  • Drinking-water probe-taker (Cert.)
  • Holistic health consulter (autodidact)
  • Holistic environment consulter (autodidact)
  • Hemp, jute and clay consulter (Cert.)
  • Organic cook (Passion)
  • Creative Generalist / Allrounder
  • Artisan + creative minded
  • Biological, chemical (own small lab in past), technical, scientific minded

Here in Germany being well educated in my holistic themes of „Architecture and health“ has no advantage to realize such a project. German’s employer have problems with people being generalists – so if I get the possibility to get a doctor father to get a PhD and maybe be assistant at an university working together with students, I also will relocate from Germany to Portugal and start a new life.

Please also read the roots of my base philosophy
Publication / eBook: AT-PUB-2024-P001 – „form follows holism“, E: xx.xx.2024
(Revised text on xx DIN A4-Sites as PDF-Download, xxx Kb)
Work-Link: https://bauen-und-gesundheit.de/downloads/form-follows-holism

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