Bauen & Gesundheit: International Biz-2-Biz Synergies

Dear wise beings,

i am looking basically for biz-2-biz synergies in healthy related building design; project related biz-2-biz in my professional areas of building forensics, building expertises, architecture, (environmental) health and environment itself; and how to avoid planning toxic buildings like the standard mostly demands in western countries.

My main focus is “healthy people in healthy buildings” in a) immobile, b) mobile and c) flying rooms – so if you also have a focus on health, please get in contact to me for working together internationally.

I am a holistic highly professional all-rounder in many working fields – your advantage is getting truth by forensic and analytic diagnosis from the view of 8 professional educations, holistic knowledge about environmental diseases with its causes and results and environmental health related issues with the newest results of medical-scientific research.

If you also like truth like me, we should click together – i am also on LinkedIn with more detailed information in German and English language about my several business and volunteer working fields.

Being also interested in Chinas new projects about environment and also health problems like SBS “Sick-Building-Syndrome” in their buildings – same as in western cities; we both have same working field as base for understanding between our cultures – working hand in hand in the solution of real help for people with same organisms and same immune system.

I know that UAE has not such problems, cause i am listening to words of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his son HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoums they are publishing on LinkedIn-network doing much for its people – but if you are also being interested in avoiding toxic buildings in your country in future, please get also in contact to me too.

I collect many knowledge in the last 5 years in my working fields of intoxication and detoxication of humans health, inside unhealthy buildings and toxic building materials in Germany and by many kinds of toxics influences towards the organism and immune system of human beings.

Being a holistic consulter for healthy living in healthy buildings and truth.

Be careful – i am a true believer of gods power as free Christian – so if you are a liar and a hypocrite, get away from me!
I am also helping badly environmental diseased people in the spirit of charity!
If you a believer of truth – no matter of believe, religion, race, colour of skin or nationality etc., be welcome and please get in contact to me for international networking and synergies.

With environmental friendly and healthy greetings,
Christian Lemiesz

Christian Lemiesz
Holistischer Service in Baubiologie, Architektur & Gesundheit
Tel: +49-21.02-579.08.04 – Mobil: +49-173-66.49.614

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