Bausachverstand: Without health, nothing works!

Without health, nothing works!

I’m looking for Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Russians and Arabs who want to buy property in Germany
and do not just want to rely on the statements of the estate agent, the banker or the exposé,
but also like to know from a neutral point of view what information is often withheld from you as a buyer;
and offer me as a holistic expert in several professions to your real estate from the point of view
of a building biologists, building expert, architect, holistic health consultant and environmental consultant
to show you the real value on the one hand and the health aspect on the other hand.

If you also place value on your indoor health and health of building materials – than you need one
holistic experts at your side to save your money.

I work for you mainly in NRW, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse/Germany; if necessary also internationally.

My motto is “healthy buildings – healthy people”

My performance is diverse – have a look at: (currently German only, sorry)

and make an appointment with me.

Yours sincerely,
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lemiesz

(International cooperation is welcome)

Christian Lemiesz
Holistischer Service in Baubiologie, Architektur & Gesundheit
Diplom-Ingenieur, Architekt AKNW, Bausachverständiger, Baubiologe IBN,
SiGeKo, Bauzeichner, holistischer Gesundheitsberater i.A. und Umweltberater
Mitglied in der Architektenkammer NW, Nr. 101770
Mitglied im IVU e.V. – Internationaler Verein für Umwelterkrankte e.V.
Mitglied in der DGUHT e.V. – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Humantoxikologie e.V.
Tel: +49-21.02-579.08.04 – Mobil: +49-173-66.49.614

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