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Health: Deadly Fridge ?

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Deadly Fridge ?

(Update: 11.08.2022)

What about mould ?

Remember: Think of cleaning your fridge regularly completely…with e.g. vinegar (don`t use spiritus or any other smelly chemicals cause the whole fridge will smell afterwards – if use alcohol only use pure/neutral smelly by drugstore or pharmacy etc.)

You know the drain inside your fridge at the backside ? …with this little hole in the middle (German fridges!) ?

Here goes the condensate (with rich organic material contaminated by your food) though …and leads to a pot at the rear: Here this pot is mostly 99% full of mould (cause being close to the hot engine!) which spurs and mycotoxins can flood the air of your kitchen and harm all residents (and could also lead to other mould-problems), but also your fridge too…

So disinfect also this pot regularly, by cleaning (see above) if you can reach by turning your fridge or also put some vinegar to that drain from inside your fridge…

The whole cleaning process should take about 5-10 Minutes.

That’s healthy!

…to get uncontaminated food in your fridge…

PS:..sure also helps on bacteria…

Remember: Always think holistic!

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